Informed Choice advising on Pensions and Investments in Manchester

Defined Benefit Transfers

Defined Benefit Transfers

These are often referred to as a final salary pensions

Defined benefit schemes are becoming less common due to the high level of benefits that can accrue from years of working in the same company.

Sometimes leaving the scheme where it is, is the best course of action. Help from a financial adviser will often be helpful in deciding what balance of cash and income is most appropriate for your needs.

There can be circumstances where an individual may choose to transfer benefits away from the scheme in exchange for a large lump sum which gets paid into a new scheme. This is known as a final salary transfer.

Final Salary Advice

Advice on transferring benefits from a final salary scheme can only be given by a pension transfer specialist, as required by the FCA. If you require advice in this area we can refer you to a firm with the permissions to advise in this area.

Since the changes in legislation in April 2015 where pension pots can be passed onto beneficiaries without punitive penalties, defined benefit transfers can be an attractive option.

The value of your investment or pension can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount invested.